Private Re-Run Order

Regular price $137.50
Had a print that sold really well in your product line? Or just really love a design that's sold out? I'm happy to offer a re-print of most* designs with a minimum purchase of 5 yards. This can be purchased at any time, but please note that it will be added to my pre order purchase, to my printer, so there may be delay if purchased when there is not an active pre order. It will be at retail price of $27.50/yard. You can add it to your cart, and in the notes section you can specify which design you're wishing to purchase.

You are billed automatically for the 5 yard minimum. Additional yardage will be invoiced separately.

*I own the exclusive rights to nearly all my designs, but there are some I'm limited to printing only one time a year. Exclusions apply and will be a case by case review.